Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I've Missed You!!!

It's been soooo long! I've missed you! Please forgive me for being gone so long.

I won't get long winded here and explain WHY I've been gone. You probably don't really care about that anyway. The important thing is that I have been making a few things during my absence and want to share those now.

So without further ado...

1.  Parliament of Owls

See this post for the owl inspiration

 2. Whale

The whale is a Pinterest idea. Here's the blog with the pattern.

3. Cute purse
This is an It's So Easy It's Simplicity pattern (A5151).

4. Scarf #1

Instructions from Learn To Knit on Circle Looms (Keep Warm Tubular Scarf).

5. Scarf #2

This scarf is the same as the one above but without the fringe.

Now if you'll turn your head to the left for a moment... 

6. Patchwork bag (front & back). (I hate it when I can't make the pictures go the right way... )

Bag inspired by a pattern available from

So that's it for now folks! I've got more scarves on the way and a few new stuffed animals in the works. Hope to get those finished and posted soon! (And will try for better photos next time... I got lazy with these.)