Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Wrap-Up (ha!ha! see what I did there?)

To those of you actually reading this, you may remember that I decided to make most of my Christmas gifts this year. Well, not this year, but Christmas 2012 (I'm a little behind on my posting). I've already shown you some of what I did, so without further ado, here's the rest of homemade Christmas 2012...

Giant Floor Pillow (or Pillow Mattress)

This is the cutest, most comfortable thing EVER! It wasn't hard to make, just cumbersome. The pattern was found on Pinterest and bought from Quilter's Quarters . That's official Tangled fabric for the front and Tinkerbell fabric for the back. It's HUGE, but accordions up into a semi-reasonable size.  I think I like it better than my daughter does (I made it for her), but that's okay.





Many of the young ladies in my family received necklaces this year. These are cute and easy to make. I used the round and square Shape Studio Tools from Epiphany Crafts . I found images that I liked online, resized them to fit the die, and printed on glossy photo paper. Super easy. The bubble caps (the things over the images) and necklace settings are also from Epiphany Crafts.

I apologize for the quality of all the necklace photos.



These are loom knit socks using a very simple pattern I found online. I used a ribbed cuff instead of the rolled cuff shown on the YARNGEAR blog

The ones on the left are oversized for my mom (she doesn't like anything remotely tight) and the ones on the left are for my step-mom who is a University of Tennessee fan.

Embellished Kitchen Towels

These turned out nicely, and were easy to make using scrap fabric. The idea was inspired by several Pinterest finds such as Quilt Story , Sew 4 Home , and Be What We Love .

Scarves, Scarves, and More Scarves

Okay, so loom knitting scarves is easy and mindless and I might have gotten carried away. I don't even know if my family likes scarves. We live in the South where it's often 75 degrees on Christmas day, so do we even need scarves?

And these scarves really did turn out nicely. I'm just incapable of taking a flattering photo of a scarf. So when you look at these, imagine a more attractive version -- that's what they really looked like.

Unless otherwise noted, the scarves are all versions of the Keep Warm Tubular Scarf from Learn to Knit on Circle Looms .

I'm sooo disappointed in this photo. I LOVED this scarf. It's an infinity scarf. The colors were beautiful and it was soooo soft. Here it just looks like an ugly blob. This scarf is the Magic Mobius Scarf from Learn to Knit on Long Looms. I made another one of these out of beautiful hand dyed yarn in University of Alabama colors, but I think I forgot to take a photo before giving it away.
A loose weave, lightweight scarf. Very cute in real life.

Lightweight and slightly itchy, but still pretty in real life.

I made a fat version of this scarf and a skinny version. The yarn (?) was a little weird, but I liked it.

A close up of the scarf's texture.

Okay ... that's it. I'm done. Next year I'm either not making most of my gifts, or I'm giving gifts to fewer people. I didn't include the lotion I made or any of the canned goods. maybe if I feel up to it, I'll make a separate post about those...

Off to clean up my much neglected house!