Sunday, April 16, 2017

I've started A LOT of projects.... but finished few. Here are two recent ones....

This one is my Easter shirt. The quote is from Starfire on Teen Titans Go! Love her! Silhouette Cameo and sparkly iron on vinyl. Shirt from Target.

This one is part of a wedding gift for a friend. I didn't get it completely finished in time to give it to her for her wedding, so she's get it when she comes back from her honeymoon. Silhouette Cameo and glossy vinyl. Re-purposed ceramic tile (11.5" x 11.5").

I suppose I could post the Newsletters and brochures I've been creating, but those are less interesting to a general audience....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I've Been Away Too Long

I can't believe I didn't post here AT ALL in 2014. In my defense, it was a rough year, but I did make some things so there's really no excuse for no posting. However, it does no good to dwell on the past and/or things you can't change, so let's move on!

I still have my Etsy shop, Oddments and Endments, and my husband and I have a little booth at Big Peach Antiques Mall, a local antique mall. Those two shops, a daughter in kindergarten, and the rigors of real life keep me pretty busy. Fortunately, I feel as if I'm on the cusp of getting my ducks back in rows and crafting with a purpose. Until then, I do have one thing that I'd like to share....

A very nice woman from The National Lighthouse Museum contacted me several weeks ago. She had seen a postage stamp Scrabble tile pendant I made featuring a lighthouse. She asked if she could acquire a few to sell in her Museum's gift shop! I couldn't say YES fast enough. Unfortunately, I only had ONE pendant made with a lighthouse stamp. So, after some searching for stamps and other supplies, I made 16 new Scrabble tile light house pendants. I mailed them to New York last week.

I hope they sell. I hope I'm contacted to make more. Actually, I'd be happy if people just didn't think they were hideous. Actually, actually, I'm satisfied with just having been asked to create something that's going to be sold in a museum gift shop!!!!! I love to make things, and to have one of those things picked by a total stranger as something they'd like to sell is an amazing feeling.

So, take a virtual stroll through my Etsy shop, the Big Peach, and The National Lighthouse Museum whenever you have a spare few minutes. If you can actually stroll through The National Lighthouse Museum, look for my necklaces!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Halloween Hats

I loom knitted a few very cute little Halloween hats for my Stepmom's birthday. She has a budding photography business going and is always looking for cute photo props. [And on a side note ... if you tell someone that you're going to be at their house for them to take pictures of your kid, please have the courtesy to actually show up. If you can't make it, call and reschedule. Photography is a tough business and there's a TREMENDOUS amount of prep work that goes into it BEFORE any photos are made. Don't be a jerk, okay? It's amazing how many no-shows Stepmom gets. Okay .... soapbox is now going back into the closet.]

Here are 3 pumpkin hats. Two are infant sized and one is toddler sized. I need to make a slightly larger one for my daughter soon.

Click here to see my basic pattern inspiration (Loom Lore Blog)

A close-up

I made 2 candy corn hats. One turned out weird, but the smaller one is cute. I'm going to have to work on my pattern for this one. The inspiration came from the Loom Lore Blog along with the pumpkin hats.

Not sure why the one on the left is so BIG.

This one will be cute on a tiny head!

The candy corn hats are Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (pumpkin, bright yellow, white). The pumpkin hats are Caron Simply Soft (I think) in probably pumpkin and forest floor. I can't find the wrappers for that yarn, although I know I kept them.

It's About Time I Finished!!!

If you happen to read what I type here (as opposed to just looking at the pictures), you already know that I'm TERRIBLE about starting project 1, setting it aside, starting project 2 (or 3 or 4), setting that one aside to return project 1 (or 2 or 3 or 4), so forth and so on. That's okay when the projects are small and don't take up much room in my house. It's not so okay when it's stripping and repainting a functional dresser.

I have a dresser that belonged to my Grandmother. It's been painted and re-painted many times and has always (for some unknown reason) resided in the dining room of whatever house it lived in. Anyway, I decided that I needed to strip all the old paint off, sand, and give this dresser a fresh start. So after emptying its contents all over my dining room floor (which isn't used as a dining room, but rather as a library/exercise equipment holding room), I moved the dresser into the garage and proceeded to strip that paint.

I kind of liked stripping the paint off. It was fun to see it get all goopy and then scrape off. So, I did that one Sunday and then moved the whole operation to my (small) back porch so I could get my car back in the garage. At first, I continued to work on the dresser on the back porch. I sanded and got as many of of those stubborn bits of paint off that I could. Then, it was time to paint. This is when work stalled ... well, stopped.

See, it rained here almost every day this summer. Very strange for this neck of the woods. Usually we have high humidity, but no rain in the summertime. I told myself that I couldn't paint because it was so wet outside that the paint would take FOREVER to dry. I didn't want to paint inside because I have a young, curious daughter and an energetic, curious kitten both of whom would have LOVED to play in the paint. So the dresser sat outside on my tiny screened in back porch all summer long. The drawers were stacked inside the house next to the computer. All of these things were in the way. The items that had at one time been inside the dresser were also in the way. You'd think this fact would have kick-started me into action, but, alas, no. We just walked around the dresser and the drawers and the drawer contents --- eventually the dresser and drawers became cluttered with papers and other items, blending into our home's motif with surprising ease.

Finally, after several months, the weather man said the humidity was going to be low and we were going to have a wonderful weekend of cooler weather. Since humidity and rain were my excuses for not painting, this declaration forced me into motion. I moved everything back into the garage so I'd have more room to move, bought some Kilz to cover up any thing weird on the dresser, and pulled out some paint that was leftover from my bedroom and bathroom. The funny thing is that I finished the whole thing in a day (even with 2 coats of Kilz, 2 coats of paint, and the suggested drying times). Why couldn't I have done that sooner? The humidity thing was really a poor excuse. I could have painted in the garage and left the door close with the fan on in there. The paint would have dried. Oh well, I guess the important thing is that the project is finished. Here it is...

The body of the dresser is a slightly darker shade of purple than the drawers. It really did turn out nicely and the paint is relatively smooth, all things considered. If I may, now I'd like to draw your attention to the runner on top of the dresser.

I like runners on top of furniture. Don't ask me why, I just do. I made this runner yesterday morning. It started out as 4 placemats from Goodwill. After pulling out the seams and the lining, I did a little sewing, and waa-laa! A runner! I'm pretty proud of this. It's not perfect, but it coordinates well with the dresser colors and cost me about $2.

Now I just have to get the contents back inside the dresser.... maybe that won't take another 6 months.

Okay... so this concludes the dresser saga. That was a bunch of typing for such a simple project.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not a Craft Project, But Definitely a PROJECT

So here's what I've been doing for the last week:

This sucker has a fort and a veranda.

My step-dad, my husband and I put together this GIANT (well, not the biggest you can buy, but pretty dang big) swing set for my daughter. It was frustrating, sweaty work, but I'm glad we didn't pay to have someone else assemble it. It's kind of satisfying to know that we accomplished this feat on our own. Not to mention I kind of like feeling of being all jacked up on testosterone that I get when I do manual labor and use power tools. :-)

Overall, the process took 5 days. Day 1 was unpacking the pallets of building supplies. Days 2-5 were assembly. It probably would have gone more quickly if not for the blazing sun and super high humidity. That combo really zaps your energy and your ability to think clearly. There are still a couple of things that need to be done, but they're small tweaks and minor additions. My daughter was VERY happy with her new swing set (well, she calls it a tree house).

The canopy was one of the hardest things to install.

I had vowed to take Day 6 off from outside work, but because she has a new, improved swing set, we didn't really need her old swing set anymore. There happens to be a large consignment sale going on at our local fairgrounds this weekend, so I thought we should try to sell the old swing set there. I was already registered as a consignor, so all I had to do was enter the swing set into my inventory and get it to the sale. Slightly more complicated that it sounds, but we did it.

I think this looks pretty good for having been in our yard for 2 years.

My dad came over to help me disassemble the old swing set, transport it to the consignment sale, and reassemble it inside. All things considered, it wasn't a difficult process. The best part, however, is that I had a very enjoyable afternoon with my Dad. It's not often that he and I get to spend time one-on-one anymore. I miss that sometimes.

Anyway, it's been a busy, but productive week me and my family. My daughter loves her new tree house and hopefully the old swing can be enjoyed by a new family. My testosterone high is crashing .... I think I need a nap...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm not doing so well keeping up here...

There's a reason why this blog is called I Can't Keep Up with a Blog. I try, but real life gets in the way. The Etsy store (Oddments and Endments) takes up a fair amount of crafting time. The other things I've been making have been little gifts here and there that I've forgotten to photograph.

Anyway, I've been wanting to make pillowcases for a while now and I finally did it. Super easy. I used the Magic Pillowcase Tutorial for the Alabama and Scooby pillowcases below.

I'm a terrible stenciler, but I'm trying to improve my skills. I lack the light touch and patience to stencil properly. Here's an early attempt at embellishing the edge of a pillowcase.

Okay ... that's all for now. Happy crafting!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Money Star

Hello! It's been a while! No, I haven't given up crafting --- just been busy with other things. Yard work, my Etsy store (, a scarf that I forgot to photo before giving away, and a blanket that is taking WAY too long to finish.

Anyway, I DID remember to take a photo of the money origami (that sounds funny, but you know what I mean) I made to go along with the scarf that I forgot to photo. Money can be a good gift, but is slightly boring, so I try to give it in creative ways. This particular gift recipient had already received money flowers from me , so something new was in order (you can find my money flowers here and here). I found this star tutorial online at Homemade Gifts Made Easy and here are the results:



This star is made from 5 bills. The tutorial said you could also use 6, but 5 fit my needs perfectly. I think it's really cute!