Monday, September 2, 2013

Halloween Hats

I loom knitted a few very cute little Halloween hats for my Stepmom's birthday. She has a budding photography business going and is always looking for cute photo props. [And on a side note ... if you tell someone that you're going to be at their house for them to take pictures of your kid, please have the courtesy to actually show up. If you can't make it, call and reschedule. Photography is a tough business and there's a TREMENDOUS amount of prep work that goes into it BEFORE any photos are made. Don't be a jerk, okay? It's amazing how many no-shows Stepmom gets. Okay .... soapbox is now going back into the closet.]

Here are 3 pumpkin hats. Two are infant sized and one is toddler sized. I need to make a slightly larger one for my daughter soon.

Click here to see my basic pattern inspiration (Loom Lore Blog)

A close-up

I made 2 candy corn hats. One turned out weird, but the smaller one is cute. I'm going to have to work on my pattern for this one. The inspiration came from the Loom Lore Blog along with the pumpkin hats.

Not sure why the one on the left is so BIG.

This one will be cute on a tiny head!

The candy corn hats are Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (pumpkin, bright yellow, white). The pumpkin hats are Caron Simply Soft (I think) in probably pumpkin and forest floor. I can't find the wrappers for that yarn, although I know I kept them.

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