Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not a Craft Project, But Definitely a PROJECT

So here's what I've been doing for the last week:

This sucker has a fort and a veranda.

My step-dad, my husband and I put together this GIANT (well, not the biggest you can buy, but pretty dang big) swing set for my daughter. It was frustrating, sweaty work, but I'm glad we didn't pay to have someone else assemble it. It's kind of satisfying to know that we accomplished this feat on our own. Not to mention I kind of like feeling of being all jacked up on testosterone that I get when I do manual labor and use power tools. :-)

Overall, the process took 5 days. Day 1 was unpacking the pallets of building supplies. Days 2-5 were assembly. It probably would have gone more quickly if not for the blazing sun and super high humidity. That combo really zaps your energy and your ability to think clearly. There are still a couple of things that need to be done, but they're small tweaks and minor additions. My daughter was VERY happy with her new swing set (well, she calls it a tree house).

The canopy was one of the hardest things to install.

I had vowed to take Day 6 off from outside work, but because she has a new, improved swing set, we didn't really need her old swing set anymore. There happens to be a large consignment sale going on at our local fairgrounds this weekend, so I thought we should try to sell the old swing set there. I was already registered as a consignor, so all I had to do was enter the swing set into my inventory and get it to the sale. Slightly more complicated that it sounds, but we did it.

I think this looks pretty good for having been in our yard for 2 years.

My dad came over to help me disassemble the old swing set, transport it to the consignment sale, and reassemble it inside. All things considered, it wasn't a difficult process. The best part, however, is that I had a very enjoyable afternoon with my Dad. It's not often that he and I get to spend time one-on-one anymore. I miss that sometimes.

Anyway, it's been a busy, but productive week me and my family. My daughter loves her new tree house and hopefully the old swing can be enjoyed by a new family. My testosterone high is crashing .... I think I need a nap...