Friday, March 15, 2013

A Shirt for Every Occassion

So I like to have shirts for whatever "day" is coming up --- Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, etc. Buying such shirts is easy because Wal-Mart is full of these things all the time. But, as you might expect, I really like to make them.

Here are a few that I've made recently:

Valentine's Day

This design is a heart cut from a grocery store doily and stick-glued to the fabric. I used a sponge applicator and stenciled over the doily. Then, I peeled the doily up and wa-la! Doily heart design on a shirt. Not the greatest, but kind of cute.

Probably should have defined my edges better...

St. Patrick's Day

For this one, I searched for Shamrock in Google Images and printed the one I liked best on heavy paper. Then I cut it out and stick-glued it to the shirt. I then used a sponge applicator to stencil around the design. Super easy! (Here's where I got my shamrock stencil ).

Not sure what's all over this shirt ... It wasn't like this the last time my daughter wore it. I'm running it through the washer again as I type.


Here the shirt I did for Easter. Peeps are my favorite Easter treat. Not necessarily to eat, but to look at. I find that I can't eat nearly as many of them as I used to. Anyway, I scoured the internet for a Peep template, printed it on heavy paper and cut it out. This time, I used a stencil adhesive to make it stick to the fabric, and, after the white paint was dry, I used a pencil eraser to put in the eyes and nose (brown fabric paint). Again, not the greatest, but kind of cute. (Here's where I got my stencil ).



That's it for now!

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