Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting Ready for VACATION! (UPDATE 4/24/2013)

So we're going on vacation this summer (to the beach), and I'm already preparing. Here's my official beach vacation purse and not one, but TWO tie dyed shirts.

 The purse is a Simplicity pattern (It's So Easy A5151). The fabric was an impulse buy at Goodwill. I don't remember what I paid, but it must not have been much because I remember coming home and being surprised I got sooooo much fabric so cheaply. In the store, the fabric was taped up so I couldn't tell exactly how much I was getting -- it was several yards. Anyway, I thought this fabric was wonderfully tacky and it works perfectly for my new beach vacation purse.

I have so much fabric that I'd like to make pajama pants for me and my daughter. Or maybe another bag. Can't quite decide yet.

If you've looked at my Etsy store (which you probably haven't), you've noticed that I like to tie dye things. Here are two shirts that I made for myself (with my impending vacation in mind).

This one turned out a little bright. I like it -- but it's a little bright. The shirt was another Goodwill find ($3.50). It's a wonderfully gauzy material that's just perfect for summer. The tie dying was done with one of those little kits that you can buy at WalMart.

This one didn't photograph very well, but it's a very nice color combo. As with the other one, the shirt is a Goodwill find and the tie dying was done with a kit from WalMart. The material of this shirt is a airy rayon. I just love it!

I have another tie dye type project that's in the washer right now. I'll be posting pictures of it soon.

Happy DIYing!

UPDATE:  My 3 year old daughter wanted a purse like mine for our vacation. Here's the one I made for her.

The Phoebe bag by Rebeka Lambert.

It's actually nicer than the purse I made for myself, but it's too small to hold all my stuff. The pattern is available online (click on the photo caption). 

We'll be very cute with our matching tacky beach purses!  :-) 

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