Monday, June 11, 2012

Not One, But TWO Pinterest Ideas Put to the Test

Pinterest  Idea #1 -- Lavender Fabric Spray

The idea for Lavender Fabric Spray came from this pin. It seemed straight forward and I'm always looking for ways to freshen up rooms, so I gave it a try!

It was super simple to make -- 2 cups of distilled water, 4 oz. of vodka, and 40 drops of the essential oil of your choice (I chose lavender). Mix the oil and vodka, then mix that with the water. You're ready to spray!

The scent is light, but pleasing. I'll definitely be making more of this and experimenting with different oils.

Pinterest Idea #2 -- Essential Oils in Toilet Paper Rolls

This pin says that if you put a few drops of essential oil inside your current roll of toilet paper, a bit of the scent will be released every time you use the paper.

I tried this last night with Lemongrass essential oil. So far, it seems to work well. My bathroom has a faint hint of lemongrass scent. There is a little more scent noticeable when you retrieve your toilet paper. 

I'll be interested to see which lasts longer ... the scent or the roll?

Thanks to Brown Paper Packages for the Scented Spray idea and to ekwetzel on food thrift and family for the toilet paper roll idea!

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