Monday, June 4, 2012


Early this spring, we removed 3 trees from our backyard. Two were heavily diseased and the other was removed to make room for new trees (overall, we planted more trees than we removed). Anyway, the places where the trees used to be looked ugly so we decided to spread some wildflower seeds there as camouflage. It took a while, but the flowers are starting to bloom and they're quite pretty. Here's a little bouquet I made from them (plus a little bamboo and eucalyptus ... also from our yard).

The "vase" is a wide mouth quart Mason jar with jute wrapped around it. I attached the jute with glue dots (I LOVE glue dots). The bow is just tied on there.

Here are a few photos from the wildflower areas. I tried taking pictures of the entire area, but they all ended up looking like a mess of weeds. They are a mess of weeds, but they're pretty in person.

Here's me getting close to a bee. I'm doing MUCH better with bees. Wasps are a different story, but there's still improvement.

This is the same sunflower after the bee flew off.

And finally, here's the little guy that keeps watch over things for me.

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